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Princess Celestialoon and Friends by NoOrdinaryBalloonMan
Princess Celestialoon and Friends
Although this is a few weeks old, I wanted to make sure to post the picture of what I created at the Grand Brony Gala in Tampa a few weeks ago. I created a life sized Princess Celestia (Celestialoon), Princess Luna (Balloona), Applebloom (Appleballoon) and Spike...I've got nothing... It was a lot of fun not only making these creations but also being a part of the VIP reception as a guest, being in the Mystery at the Gala show and even doing a panel! And best of all, my balloon creation was documented by my friend Evan Barnardi! I hope to see everyone next year and I will keep everyone posted about my next conventions!…

Evan Bernardi
Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Balloon Cosplay 1 by NoOrdinaryBalloonMan
Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Balloon Cosplay 1
I had a really fun time at the Ultracon convention this past weekend in Fort Lauderdale. I was a guest there and they wanted me to make something interesting that could be made in one day so I decided to make the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters, since this year is the 30th anniversary. They liked it so much much that I will be returning as a guest for their next convention in October and their first 3 day convention next year. I just wish that my three foot round balloon had not popped, then his head would have been perfect! Picture was taken by Technically Toki!…
Balloon Discord Cosplay 1 by NoOrdinaryBalloonMan
Balloon Discord Cosplay 1
This is the second of the two cosplays that I made for Metrocon to advertise the Grand Brony Gala. This is my balloon Discord Cosplay, it took me 18 hours to complete, was 13 feet in height (26 feet when fully stretched out) and I wore it for both Saturday and Sunday of the convention. He was a huge hit at the con and I also got an award for him as well (although the judge gave it to me before the costume contest because he said that although all the judges were huge fans of the balloon because I was strapped to it an technically not wearing it they could not officially give it to me). I got to make so many people smile and it brought a lot of interest to the Gala! I also thought it was quite fitting that Discord be made out of balloons because balloons from my experience can be quite chaotic! Well I hope to see everyone at the Grand Brony Gala in August and make sure to stay 20% more chaotic! Also make sure to check out Fluttershy's Villain Reformation show at the Grand Brony Gala!
Cheese Sandwich Cosplay 1 by NoOrdinaryBalloonMan
Cheese Sandwich Cosplay 1
Well last week at Metrocon I had  big weekend! I actually was sponsored by the Grand Brony Gala to create two balloon cosplays to represent the convention coming in August. This one was a human version of Cheese Sandwich, not only one of my all time favorite MLP characters but also a character that I am playing at the Mystery at the Gala show at the Grand Brony Gala. It took me 7 1/2 hours to create the balloon poncho, hat and Boneless 2 the second incarnation of Cheese Sandwich's beloved rubber chicken. I not only told people about the Gala in character but I also won the cosplay award for Cosplay Excellence in the Metrocon Cosplay contest. It was so much fun being Cheese Sandwich for two of the three day of Metrocon (technically 1 1/2 days because on Saturday I did two balloon cosplays) and I am not only looking forward to the Grand Brony Gala August 15-17, but I am also a guest at the Ultracon of South Florida during the weekend. Well I hope to hear from everyone soon! 
Hello everybody!

I can honestly say that a lot of wonderful things have happened in just these last few weeks I have been given a few new commissions (hopefully they may lead to more potentially you guys can help out as well) and I have made many new friends! I am also now Seasonal at Disney and able to do more stuff with balloon art and keeping in contact with all of the new people i have met! I met so many wonderful balloon artists at the Florida Super Jam and I cannot wait to see more people at the upcoming Cons i will be going to! I also have new oppertunities coming to me with making a new Dinosaur related show coming later this year where I will be teaching kids at conventions, schools and resorts about dinosaurs through the use of puppetry, animation and even a balloon animal or two! I also have many big balloon cosplays planned for this year including a Metal Gear, a colossus from Shadow of the Colossus, Aku from Samuri Jack, Zero from Megaman X and even a character from Zone of Enders! If anyone has not seen it my Balloon ?Solid Snake has offically been made into a meme now… and I have a dance video of me in the darkside cosplay!…

Well I hope that the rest of this year will be a wonderful year indeed and make sure to watch out because I think I have been seeing a super tall dark shawdowy figure in my room lately... I hope its not Slenderman who is out for $20!


NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's Profile Picture
Bruce Carr
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
I want to take time to thank you for coming to my page. Hello my name is Bruce Edward Carr and I am “No Ordinary Balloon Man”. There are many mundane balloon twisters who produce the same unoriginal balloons monotonously. With enthusiasm, I am a Balloon Artist. Using my skill and combining my lifelong passion for performing, I transform air and latex into remarkable sculptures for your entertainment. I am able to fabricate a near limitless number of balloons while I amuse patrons with singing, puppetry, impersonations, comical dancing, and educational facts. I love to make people smile; I do so not as an amateur but as a professional with four years of experience working with qualified entertainment companies such as Twisted Artz, Puppet People, and in Savannah, Georgia, the Savannah Community Theatre. Being a professional also means that I am not a liability to my clients; I’m insured by The World Clown Association® and as a Professional, I don’t clown around when it comes to safety. I use Qualitex® Balloons - A high class, environmentally friendly and strong product. As an expert balloon artist I regularly serve a multitude of restaurants, parties, corporate events and I am a proud Disney Cast Member, in which I have been honored with several awards for providing excellence in guest services. My work has also been featured on a host of websites and even nationally on Cartoon Network. I am also cost effective and have parties which can serve any budget, no matter how big or small. If you want an entertainer who will level up your next event from an ordinary occasion into an extraordinary celebration, without breaking the bank, No Ordinary Balloon Man is your balloon man!

I am originally from Savannah, Georgia and I have always had a love of history and entertainment which lead me to attend Armstrong Atlantic State University and graduate Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Theatre. While studying to obtain my degree I honed my skills at entertaining and making people smile with local professional organizations such as the Savannah Community Theatre’s murder mystery show Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire (featured on Samantha Brown), Puppet People (National Touring Puppetry Company), and Silly Dilly the Clown. I even completed an internship called the Disney College Program which guaranteed me a position with the largest entertainment company in the world once I graduated that I still hold today. However, with all the professional jobs and training I have had as an actor, character performer (mascot), puppeteer, and singer, one skill that I have obtained combines all of these skills and has allowed me to make more people smile than I ever thought possible, this talent is being a balloon artist.

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Hey! I've seen you at Chibi-Pa twice now! Keep on baloonin'!
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Hello everyone thank you so much for wishing me a Happy birthday, it means so much to me to know that there are so many people who care about me. I have been very busy with preparing for a convention that I made 4 large balloon sculptures, was in a play, made balloons for kids and adults alike and even do a panel! It was a lot of work but I am now done with all of it! I had a truly wonderful time!
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Arr! Forgive me for missing your birthday Bruce.

Happy belated birthday!
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Happy Birthdayy!!!!
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Happy birthday~!!!

Oh man, your party must be epic with all those life size balloon sculptures. :3
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Happy birthday! ^^
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Happy Birthday hon
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Greetings, my crazy balloon friend!

A little birdie told me that it was your birthday coming up! Well, in honour of that special day, AND because you make such awesome balloon costumes and what not, I offer you this very special gift.…

Enjoy! :D
sailormars86 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
awesome  work   I love them all 
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